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Your Data - Firmly within your control

We started Kabati to make it easy for individuals and businesses to protect their information while making it accessible whenever the need arises.

Today we are honoured to have individuals, private businesses, and government institutions as our customers but this is just the beginning. We continuously evolve Kabati to ensure that our services adapt to meet our client’s needs.



To positively transform how people and businesses store, access, and maintain the integrity of their digital assets



An expansive Pan-African cloud storage network which delivers fast, secure, reliable access to digital content

What we bring to the table

A premier data management service which integrates high performance compute infrastructure, military grade encryption, fault tolerant storage , secure remote access, auditing, high availability, and data retention technologies to provide a scalable and reliable data loss prevention framework for individuals and business.


Automate your backup and storage operations - Get started with Kabati

We shall listen to your requirements and deploy the storage, workflows, and management tools required to provide an optimized Kabati experience for your business.